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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


at the end of 2013, i will probably get drunk alone, on the bottle of 'cupcake' champagne i bought from the little meathead polish guy in greenpoint, while meow meows and paces the apartment. 2013 was both the worst and best year in awhile. new york is a maze of fakes. i love it here though, don't get me wrong. it's a sedate pace. but my dreams are wild and wicked. i have had a lot of grabbing life by the balls and making it look me in the eye. and a lot of delicious realization that friends are just in disguise. i want 2014 to not lose that tinge of disaster, but to ultimately be bright and shiny and sweet.

edit: i did not get drunk alone. i went out with my incestuous "bros" to a party at which absinthe and a rooftop were involved. as it should be in brooklyn.


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