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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

muse muse

dating in brooklyn is constant heartbreak. either there are submissive 21-year-old bipolar girls (or blogging sluts) who live a couple blocks away from you but are consistently intangible... or there are sad sweet geniuses south of the park (far away), who don't know what they want but are understandably distracted by death and suffering. or there is a guy i slept with immediately because i was overwhelmed by our chemistry, but he lives far away too, with his dog, and is busy with a recent breakup (which really, i am too). it's better when i don't go on dates, and just play my bass and talk to my cat. or read books or reddit. or something. my boy friends came back- my bros. i hate them sometimes for not being as authentic as i expect, for not being madly in love with me, but i love them anyway so they trample my boundaries and fall asleep in my bed after parties. they're good but i don't want to pin them down in any way but that for as long as that lasts. only some people work, even if they are dysfunctional. sigh. this city is a big hodgepodge of maybe, somedays...


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