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Monday, February 25, 2013


morning lull (for my yoga class)

my current mentors/muses are: joe rogan for being chill and presenting a totally misogynistic view of life (in his podcast) without being too offensive to me somehow (probably his approach to drugs as teaching devices but only in moderation, check him out). dr. drew for helping me figure out the people around me (psychology nerd). dan savage for his sex outlook and instructions (although i am not as brave as he or as fortunate). louis c.k. for his patheticness and for making me giggle in my neighborhood. (same with the cast of 'girls'). my yoga teacher leigh for her wisdom even though it is different from my style (love her the most right now) (also tobias who cracks me up). . my friends...still traveling while i slave away on my bed for clients ;P.... my fuzzy cat's vet who let him bite her. my ex-boyfriend for doing 6 months of therapy and finally being nice (aww). my clients who are sane (don't get me started on insane ones). my little brother who is having his 4th baby soon with his cute wife. my other ex- boyfriend (the one i love most) who disappeared. literally. :(... :( ... my girl friends from asia who are my only real connection to my gender. my abandoned enemies. the only guy on the internet i am attracted to i will meet wednesday. all my dead dogs. any female who is nice to me because i can't find any who aren't sobbing next to me through some horrid movie...

♥ thank you, thank you


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