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balance (2): in the jungle

Thursday, January 24, 2013

in the jungle

pics of my yoga retreat in Khao Sok National Park, Thailand, with Simon Low.

this is a ghostly place. 'phi', as the thais call them. the ghosts of the dead. koh phi phi for instance was aptly and prophetically named since it was later wiped out by the tsunami. this is the other coast of thailand, which i prefer, on the gulf. the place i am staying is run by a couple of really nice blond and tanned middle aged americans. they apparently travel around and set up schools for burmese refugees in their spare time... besides owning this amazing valley beneath limestone mountains, the dark blue lake tucked between the peaks lined with jungle, like fur on lion teats (no idea why that is the image that comes to mind). the yoga teacher is white haired... calm and british, not my cup of tea, but i have been drinking tea here all day made with real ginger, lemon and honey which makes up for it. occasionally the thai girls bring out some amazing dish for us to try- tonight was wingbean salad made with garlic and chilis, and black sesame seeds. i am doing 5-6 hours of yoga and meditation a day, listening to ebbing and flowing songs of cicadas, geckos, gibbons, frogs, hopping fish.

the moon hangs over the candlelit huts and all the farts and sighs of the fresh foreign faces which i ignore in the daytime have crept up to bed, leaving me here on my hammock, freshly stoned thanks to my good friend 't' whom i am visiting. she makes friends with all the thais, as usual, and listens to all of my moaning. the moon, the creak of the swaying raft houses. the beaming stars.... it's good to be here at peace for the first time in a long while. the sweet burmese massage lady told me to never get married because men only drink and bitch, and that i should get at least 3 massages while i am here. my calm, centered yoga teacher, simon, told me i need to strengthen my core or at least incorporate it into my yoga... a year of pilates classes has apparently not made a dent in my laziness...tomorrow i will kayak through the turquoise bays. and maybe swim despite the supposed 7 foot long catfish in the depths, that feeds on the forest at the (30 meter) bottom. i make up camp horror stories to annoy my friend 't' with. we have to climb a steep mountain to go to the bathroom. there is no electricity, internet, and phone- yet no real feeling of withdrawal from civilization's umbilical cord. yoga, eat, hammock, sit bemusedly breathing in the gorgeousness, sleep, repeat...


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