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balance (2): April 2012

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

rat race

back in ny. drumming my fingers. the economy sucks. i am sooooo lucky i have a stable job although i am poor in relation to previous years. there are no freelance projects for me. i need to learn to prostitute myself better to 'the man'.

at least it is spring in NY. i have taken up smoking cigarettes. i meet such interesting people who do. today i met a jamaican guy in dreads from deep brooklyn. he mistook my interest in him as an interest in his cock (as so many guys do) and got my number, but i won't be answering my phone. i did meet a really cool korean girl on a park bench though. we commiserated about men.

i went to play pin up girl for a day at beauty bar in the east village. my little 'tico' lover seemed to like the pic i posted.

sigh. it really is a lot of work to live sometimes! a lot of time to fill!

i wandered into matchless bar by the park one hazy afternoon, and there was 't'. i didn't notice until i had been sitting right next to him for like 5 minutes. we both sighed and got drunk together.

warm! it's warm here! got things to do! spanish lessons. walking from bar to bar with brooklyn friends. yoga and pilates. self-medication.


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