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balance (2): boy crazy

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

boy crazy

i have a bunch of boy friends again, sigh.

i went on a trip to tortugero national park. it's a village accessible only by 2 hours boat ride down the river- kind of like costa rica's amazon. it poured rain relentlessly so we just floated through dark canals with mostly hiding wildlife, to our lodge which had had it's electricity and water knocked out. so i downed a few pina coladas in the candle light. watching a group of probably christian rednecks line dance to an r&b song (ugh) and went to bed early under their fluffy comforter. anyway the point was that the guide on my bus trip there and back was so cute. and he kept doing romantic flirty things with me like calling me beautiful and making me twirl and flutter my eyelashes to the rest of the bus. he even asked me to go out with him this week, but we both chickened out at the last minute and didn't get any contact info. my life is so lame in some ways.

but i do have boy friends. my same exact birthday-having, so sweet, somewhat chubby friend 'funky' from venezuela. he likes to tell me his life story, which is pretty cool. he doesn't drink or anything. he was a politician's aide for a long time in venezuela. also 'j', who is kind of rough, he grew up in the deep south where half his friends were killed by guns because it is seriously that stupid down there. and my friend 't', who is totally laid back on the one hand and a ruthless real estate hustler on the other (like my ex 't').

now i am back home after a bike ride in the dark, listening to insects chirp, smoking myself silly and gonna go lay in my hammock.

pics of costa rica



Blogger elocin said...

i have to come back and note, that i did have some very elicit sex with that tour guide, fernando, and one night he made me an amazing dinner with his nice friends. <3

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Blogger elocin said...


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