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balance (2): March 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011


i almost forgot i had this here blog, having been buried under a huge pile of work that seemingly fell from the sky onto poor little me the past few weeks. i have no life outside of work right now in fact, and thus nothing much to talk about... i did have a couple of dramas- the only girl i ever loved in my life coming to visit and my supposed "friend" stealing her out from under my nose (typical, and now our friendship has cooled considerably). my boyfriend-again finally having signed his divorce papers, but only after his (now ex) wife went berserk (also typical).... other than that i have been wistfully dreaming of wildlife-ridden jungles and placid beaches, surfing websites and visiting animal shelters full of kitties and puppies that i can't adopt. the usual. and pining for spring.

until i can get to a real update, you are welcome to read the real story that i turned in to my fiction writing class (based on my last post). it's a little clunky since i wrote the character descriptions first and then launched into a story full of mostly inside jokes... but my class absolutely raved about it, even though it really was my first fiction piece ever! so apparently i am not a horrible fiction writer after all, which is a relief. at least says them.

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