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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

write indeed

on the topic of nicknames, which was assigned to me in my writing class.

'bird witch' was shy. she was so-called because her nose was long and and so was her chin. she dressed sort of oddly, and her fear of the spotlight led her to avoid even mirrors. her lashes fluttered and she clucked nervously. her tendency to turn slightly purple in the cold and her inability to meet peoples' eyes led most people to think she was sketchy, depressed, or worse even slightly retarded. she was in fact happy and intelligent, just unable to communicate normally upon short notice, never having been properly socialized. her family history (partly hungarian) presumably included gypsy blood. the brood was all restless. she had changed schools about 3 times per year as a kid, and globe-hopped most of her adult life. she'd spent a lot of time alone.

the boys she met in her adopted city of NY loved her anyway. something about her nurturing tendencies. she would gather them around her and cuddle them over drinks. presume to teach them one by one her small mundane discoveries, in her stilted analytical way. her enjoyment of the moment and sense of adventure usually served as a magnet straight to the male friend zone for her (she skipped dutifully toward it almost every time). "you're good", they would tell her. "wanna hang?" they played together like children, poking and joking. it kept her sane.

love, though, she was not lucky with. love seemed to hate her. she was currently roller-coaster dating a guy named 't'. his austrian name was NOT 't'. he was eccentric, rather bubbly, and definitely psychotic, with a public image (talented musician) that kept him afloat and had gotten him his green card. behind his goldi-locks and wide blue eyes was a scam artist extraordinaire. the boys all despised him, but 'bird witch' could not resist. the bottomless pit inside her needed his constant stream of bullshit to feel full. heck, he was keeping her alive in part. but good times were shared between them, chasing novelty, negotiating boundaries, dreaming. one day they would grow apart for sure, but at the moment they were clinging still to the last vestiges of their dysfunctional relationship. he no longer left clothes all over her house or dropped in to raid the fridge. when 'bird witch' would touch him he would flinch. when she wanted sexual... er.... alleviation she had to strike out reflexively at friendly passersby. "but i love you!" he would proclaim with a little awkward twitch that told her he was lying baldfaced. she wasn't sure if she was lying or not when she returned the sentiment. he would cry dramatically at anything he didn't want to discuss honestly. she refused to let him go due to a fear she really was an unworthy 'bird witch' who was doomed to be alone.

'hippo' was 'bird witch's 'nabe', as she called him. he was tall and gangly, with shaggy brown hair and a beak...rather unlike a hippo, in fact. he never seemed to notice her oddity. he had a deep inability to be alone for more than five minutes, and he cheerfully appreciated whoever was around to the extent that he was generally adored. but he was smart enough to pick some favorites out of that devoted crowd, and 'bird witch' and he were like peas in a pod. "we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children" he would whisper to her with a giggle, and 'bird witch' would smack him affectionately, and a little worriedly. "oi oi!". he had grown up a punk kid in boston, and had a sort of skinhead tourette's syndrome- spouting off nazi slogans just to annoy surrounding listeners. (you did have to wonder if it really was a joke, the kid did have to have a dark side somewhere, everyone does, right?). in the daytime he created advertisements for the drugs the pharmaceutical companies wanted to keep you addicted to. at night he obsessively cultivated magnificent aquarium ecosystems. he was dating a smart stubborn redhead with tattoos and a trust fund.

'jdawg' was there too, and this was the gang. 'bird witch' and 'hippo' and 'jdawg'. 'jdawg' was the rather short, thuggish latino with the sensual lips. while being very precise and militaristic in his mannerisms (he was a sergeant in the navy), would make up fantastical stories about those around him, and try to convince them that they were true. "hey baby", he'd text. and it even worked sometimes. enough so that 'bird witch' would forget herself and sniff his neck when she was tipsy. "you'd better make me some pancakes". his shy surprise when she was nice to him always belied something under his hardcore skinhead exterior. he preened like a puppy under her gaze. mostly though, they just elaborated on their mutual stories in friendly text messages, when they were trying to escape their boring classes (in his case) or stifling home office (in hers). or they would clink together their beer mugs in a dive bar. 'bird witch' realized that 'jdawg' was too good to subject to anything beyond friendship.

and so they were, and so it was.

..........damn, i really need to learn to write dialog, and have a point to the story!!!!

p.s. here are pics from belize. i will have to write on here sometime soon about how great it was to connect with my brother there, in a land of abundant sun and sea life!


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