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balance (2): freedom

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


in the mood i am in now i should probably not write in my blog. let's just put it that way.

hmmm. let us move on. i have just re-remembered myself, my amazing life. just had a magnificent trip to costa rica in which i drove bickering amusedly with my escort... all over the lush foggy bright green countryside. we lounged under the volcano (arenal) in steamy hot springs, and got waterfall massages, spied on by friendly jesus christ lizards (who walk on water). ate lavish and expensive meals proferred by simpering sycophant waiters, ziplined breathlessly over awesome jungle valleys and a majestic lake lined with singing (and roaring) rainforest, chock full of wildlife that we coaxed out or observed bemusedly with binoculars from a boat at the cano negro wildlife preserve. i fed steak bones to and patted stray dogs in the sketchy but friendly tourist town square of la fortuna. poked at medicinal plants with a self proclaimed shaman ("it's okay!?" he asks, excitedly and repeatedly, as he points through the debris at a hovering sloth, or crushes cinnamon leaves to sniff, as he takes every opportunity to touch me rather inappropriately). i had an overall amiable time getting drunk and thrashing with nightmares along side my so-called (and thus probably not) boyfriend. wishing that the plane rides would end.

travel is like looking in the mirror on acid. such an honest and even crass and critical look at your own life. the tedious days of waste you realize you live most of the time.

it's nice to come back to NY too though, the intellectual magnet. the beautiful contest. my undeniable and generous freedom.


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