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balance (2): workin'

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


today the clients i met with were: a witty and mustaschioed astronaut/rocket scientist who shot playful but honest barbs from the hip to the aged, eccentric (almost bouncing!) professor and inventor at NYU who was visiting...there was a droning neuro-something-or-other-scientist cohort whom everyone pretty much ignored, until he whispered something brilliant, loudly enough, from the phone. some very intelligent, technically inclined millionaire investors (who feel like nabes), and the salesman/ideator cowboy who keeps them (and us) all lassoed in... on my side there is a brilliant scraggle-faced developer who can talk about or slap out anything technical and whose startups made him a well-networked millionaire when he was (is) younger than i. and a smart fancy agency girl who keeps track of who is doing's nice to be amongst such great minds, especially in NY!!! i have not been involved in the strategic side of things before! i can't handle it for too much of the time (too many people!), and my job is ultimately to take away and map out structurally/visually the results of all this thinking... to build a new software application. which is intimidating because i wasn't always paying attention ;P ... but at least i am over my social anxiety (good meds) a bit. and it is very interesting to me....

i think what helps in this company (small agency) i am working for is that they are friendly, accommodating, the office has soft lighting and dark corners, it's a big old loft on the hudson river that is quickly being constructed into a much bigger office. they try to be casual. i don't have to be there except for important meetings, which yesterday was my being driven super recklessly by our verbose and happy client in a car with my teammates out to the countryside in new jersey, past snowmen and lakes, where we went to this other businessman's mansion, played with his super fluffy dog next to a fireplace, envied his spoiled happy kids, and drank wine from his private winery next to his extremely expensive sportscars!!!! it was nice, to say the least. i could work like this pretty regularly off and on i think. i just can’t do the 9-5!

…the only problem is they are short term, part time, and don't pay much...! I have to spend all my extra time looking for a better job! :(

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