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balance (2): (un)happy birthday to me

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

(un)happy birthday to me

here are a few pics from my asia trip, which i took mostly for the benefit of some friends, since i lived there so long i am not inclined to bother otherwise. as you can see i rarely take pics of people. most of the time that is because i am alone!

i am very reluctantly headed back to NY in a couple of hours :(. no more perving on nubile thai boys and gorging on moo-something or other... i need to be back home for some client meetings (gotta hustle and make $$$$ so i will be free again).

unfortunately it means i will be spending my entire birthday(!) on long haul flights. i am hoping by some brilliant stroke of luck they will take pity on me and upgrade me to first class.

can't believe i am approaching my mid 30s. figured i'd be dead by now! i am officially a spinster!


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