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Thursday, July 16, 2009


NY is calling me. should i answer? i love boulder but i've sort of done it now, there are no sublets and the hostel is full... while there is a cheap room open on hipster row in williamsburg, brooklyn. can i hack the big city? the wind across the river and in the alleys of soho.... the maddenly stimulating subways. the walking walking walking. the surrounding beautiful people who are better at most things than you are (or i am anyway) and know it, or who just represent interesting cultures if nothing else. in the city everyone is someone and no one at the same time. can i take the constant sense of being on the verge but not quite grasping something? (my boss at x agency would say yes, i am probably familiar with it heh heh). can i take the lust at every corner for unbearably cool and sometimes famous people, usually expensive useless trendy baubles, art music literature all? can i bear the competition and aloofness? can i dig up the fun? can i break out of my shell?... i heart NY for real, the magic and that wild survival- though it is scary. it's probably not the fountain of freelance work i am fantasizing it is nowadays, but all i will have is time and i do have a couple of old clients there i can hit up. and a bass guitar in storage and a fuzzy blanket to go with my satin sheets. and roller skates for the park. and a journal to draw in. do they have netflix there i wonder??? i might try it out for a month and if i crash and burn head back to thailand and relax for the winter. hrmm.


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