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Sunday, June 14, 2009


i have some kind of demon in me of late, or that is how it feels. been lethargic, twitchy (my eyelid is like a hummingbird wing for two days now), and have had nightmares for a week. feeling antisocial at work, and constantly cold and thus irritable in the unheated warehouse that is my office...the dark stormy weather outside hasn't helped- it has been more like october here than june... i have a little lung infection of sorts too and my skin broke out a bit, which makes no sense as i have been healthier than ever in boulder- eating organic, taking herbal and vitamin supplements, and exercising regularly!.... i blame two things- one, said weather (as much as i am enjoying boulder i know i need to be out of here for the winter. i get too much s.a.d.) and the other is silly enough, but in the mornings i read the paper on my bus ride into work, and there is a local crime blotter listing. weirdly enough, a lot of the crime seems to happen right in my neighborhood, even though it is pretty upscale. the other day a girl woke up to find a man crouched at the foot of her bed a block away... so i am eyeing the many transient hippies suspiciously and sleeping with a butcher knife under the pillow. i am sure new york, bangkok, and everywhere else i have been in were just as bad, but i never read about it there! and the more i think about that sort of thing, the more i feel i will attract it!

anyway, i have a new pet pigeon family, who lives on my balcony. i tried to scare them away but they are dumb as rocks and very stubborn... they made a nest in the corner and i haven't had the heart to throw it away. so the mama comes and sits on her eggs all day and the daddy comes to visit the mama periodically. they throw me worried glances but have otherwise made themselves a cozy little home.

i am madly in love with netflix- with their service i can watch whatever movies i can think of and i have been gorging on their independent films section. between that and eBay and the local college radio station (1190), who needs a social life?!


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