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balance (2): sawadee bi mai (happy thai new year)

Monday, April 13, 2009

sawadee bi mai (happy thai new year)

the problem with a dj boyfriend is they are always dj'ing! especially at songkran! and are surrounded by party people on drugs.

who's the dj

so i am spending a lot of time wandering on my own taking pics or smoking cigarettes out the small window in my room. luckily there is food at 7-11! i wandered around the thapae gate area today (the khao san road of chiang mai i am realizing), the second day of the songkran wars (both literally and figuratively!)... they had a yummy food market, and i the great white farang went to watch the thais war it out safely from the dry windows of starbucks with the bangkok post decrying violence. tourists were trying to drown each other to techno music.

songkran at thapae gate

saw a little pop band on the coca cola stage, wandered down the parade route (which was mostly thais and was lovely... little folk bands, ladyboys and children painted up, monks smiling serenely). the water they sprinkle you politely with on that street had flowers in it, and one tippled over my head was menthol. i am actually enjoying myself here, love some sides of chiang mai! just a bit of frustration with the boyfriend and his party crew. it's too bad i love him to death on his own or i would have packed up and hightailed it to elsewhere by now! hopefully after songkran is over we will spend a few days together when he doesn't have to work!!! but doubt i could take it long term, guys with dreams don't seem to have time for girlfriends.

a friend of mine took this video today about 3 blocks from where I just moved away from a week or so ago! pretty scary things happening in bangkok right now.


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