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Friday, November 28, 2008


PAD Protesters at Suvarnabhumi Airport (from BBC)

the situation in thailand right now is pretty ridiculous. i mean as if we all didn't have enough to worry about with the global economic problems and terrorist attacks, without the thais throwing temper tantrums. the PAD protesters have gone so far as to take the country hostage- no one is getting in and out via bangkok anyway. and rumors are that they would think about shutting down food and water supplies, communications and power, transportation etc. to get their point across if closing the airports doesn't do it. the weird thing is that it's been 4 days now and the government/military have not done a damn thing to stop them! how weak and ineffectual does the leadership of this country look? and thailand bemoans the fact that people still refer to it as a 3rd world country....i have to say it, i think these people are idiots.

anyway people are talking about civil war! well, i can understand the PAD's side of things- they want to overhaul thailand's system of government and the (corrupt) election process, and get rid of the selfish, childish, greedy ex-PM thaksin and his influence. however paying grandmothers and children to stand for you as human shields, and sentencing your own nation to years of destitution to prove your point is pretty out of line. let's hope they come to their senses and find a better way to arbitrate things. not least of all because i want to be safe and be able to communicate with the outside world, if not leave this place and go there.

meanwhile, i am not finding any opportunities for work in NY and am very reluctant to go there without something set up. i am resigning myself to having to put off my trip back to civilization until warmer months (after i have had a chance to feel out the effects of the economy and obama's presidency). at least i am getting stable work here and still have some good friends around. i will just have to make the best of it.

i really, really need some inspiration of some sort though, before i go braindead. i miss 'x'. :(

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