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Saturday, October 18, 2008


i get so mad at myself when i read this blog these days. all i've done is ruminate about what to do with myself for the entire past year- i read back to around new year 2008 and saw that i had resolved then to choose between NY and thailand... almost a year later i still haven't done so. i mean i just bought a round trip ticket to NY, for chrissakes- i can see myself turning right back around once i land in the states and remember that only a rat can win the rat race.... i am so at home in both of these places in opposite hemispheres though- i will probably end up living half/half somehow.

in any case, at least i can get back to my country if the shit hits the fan. maybe NY will inspire some of the creativity i have lost as well, especially in my writing!

i am tempted to buy a camper van as soon as i hit the ground, and drive from NY to LA though. road trip junkie to the core! as long as i have my freelance projects i can go anywhere. i wonder how possible it would be to get an internet connection in my camper van? hrmmmm. i want to go pick up a hollywood boyfriend. someone like, hrmmm, wentworth miller would do. i did an astrological analysis on him and turns out we are as compatible as you can get where star signs are concerned. just have to convince him! (joke)

i should really be writing for a teen magazine, no? (hits self)...


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