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balance (2): September 2008

Saturday, September 6, 2008


i have a ridiculous amount of anxiety right now, not entirely sure where it is coming from but i haven't been able to sleep for like 2 weeks except for the couple of nights i popped a xanax. my little brain has been on overdrive.

i guess i am just worried about work and a possible move across the world. hrmmm yeah that could be it(!!!).

also, of course! as happens every time i finally resolve to leave this country, suddenly i have met a group of really great people. they range in age from 18 (which i was averse to but have changed my mind about) to 32 (me). they are real, nice, fun people, and more importantly, safe(!) and not as messed up as a lot of people i have met in thailand are. one of them is a soap opera star in bangkok, one is a russian gangster who retired at age 23 or so, a cute university student gal who sneaks in to hang with us, plus some really nice thai guys.

trying not to let the fun i have been having influence my decision on a move too much though, as i really believe it might be best for me now... but for tax reasons i am better off not going back to the US til dec. instead of oct. anyway.

too tired to write a proper entry otherwise! here are some pics:

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