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balance (2): bohemian rhapsody

Friday, July 25, 2008

bohemian rhapsody

i haven't been to the theater in years, so though i had no one to go with and tickets were expensive, i sucked it up and went to see 'we will rock you', based on the music of queen, which i happen to love. it wasn't the best production i have ever seen but it had some great characters and i enjoyed it a lot- recommended.

i also saw batman: the dark knight on imax.... was disappointed that there was not more beefcake shown by christian bale, whom i have been in love with since 'the prestige'. heath ledger was great but otherwise i thought it was just another overblown hollywood blockbuster. but then, i am a girl ;).

stay tuned for the next episode of elocin's pointless reviews from the land of (fake) smiles.


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