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balance (2): oh cruel delicious fate

Monday, May 5, 2008

oh cruel delicious fate

apparently the best way to get over someone is to get under someone new, or so they say, but i am living proof right now that this works like a dream! fate has been exceedingly kind to me this week. it dropped my ideal partner right in my path until try as i might i could not avoid him. 'c', from NY, but filipino and drop dead gorgeous, travels all over the world selling his art... even if he is married (probable) and this was just a fling i could not be more starry-eyed and grateful. the only drawback is i am head over heels for him and we both return to our respective homes directly across the world from each other tomorrow morning. ce la vie i guess, i can't complain... if ever someone could make me forget about the vermin thai guys surrounding me it is this lovely hunk o man. if ever something were to help me re-assess what i am doing with my life without that niggling weakness that i always seem to succumb to it is him. for that i thank my fate and 'c', and wish fervently that my luck is such that i might actually find someone similar to revel in my future adventures with long term.


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