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balance (2): visa run

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

visa run

in vientiane, laos and wishing there was something interesting here to write about or take pictures of but this is one of the sleepiest "cities" in the world. there is even a curfew! i am here to renew my visa for thailand, and it is quite inconvenient really, having to go all the way across the country and out just to get back in again. at least i get a little break away even if laos is rather blah. i suppose i saw enough of this country 5 years or so ago when i was here last (see here)- even back then i thought it was thailand's quieter, less glamorous younger sister. it's funny, i didn't realize then that all the people around me basically spoke thai (didn't understand the language then). back then i was more open and adventurous, and also a lot more naive. i don't remember questioning everyone's motives back then. i also of course did not feel so at home amongst temples, stray dogs, and tuk tuks. i never would have guessed at that time that by this time i would be living in asia.

lately i am not sure that's a good thing! do i want to live in asia? i have gotten past the culture shock, gotten past the challenges of getting set up and succeeding in a foreign country. had a couple long and tumultuous relationships. made some good friends. managed to be happy for awhile. but what's next? what kind of future can i possibly have here? am i retiring here? am i going to (be able to) buy land and build a house here? make a business? am i going to live alone in a quiet village with a bunch of dogs for the rest of my life? am i giving up on the rest of the world?

the answer remains to be seen even for me.


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