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balance (2): march forth

Friday, March 14, 2008

march forth

having a lovely time. went on an impromptu snorkelling trip to koh tao and koh nangyuan and swam with reef sharks. then went to meet my thai friend at his hometown of krabi for a week. got to have the luxuries of a tesco lotus shopping center with a movie theater! 7-11s and good street food. nice people in the thai family, which was a never-ending cavalcade of smiling people, bringing me excellent curries and coconut desserts from the market. lost hippies on tonsai beach, both thai and "farang", with their huge pet goat and batik masterpieces. and paradisical snorkelling in koh phi phi, with the most brilliant fishes i have ever seen. have a look:

m's home in krabi

m and his cousin preparing for market

tonsai beach

bay near phi phi

maya bay, phi phi

back in thong nai pan, alone and at peace.



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