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Thursday, March 6, 2008


coming back to my island was weird this time because of many things, not least of which was the on-and-off boyfriend. i had packed all my stuff up and the house was bare, lonely. the dogs were living up in the jungle behind at that point, where 'm' has a little hut next to our archnemesis who owns the nightclub which often keeps me awake all night even if i am not there having a boogie. the beach boys had just pissed off and sent home another round of naive english girls. loads of people i have met in past years showed up again, and reminded me why i love the community here. i lost all of my jobs in one day due to media scare (?) about the US economy, and then 2 weeks later when i had already panicked and decided to move to europe or back to the states, the jobs came back, in one day, again. (phew!) in the meantime i realized my thai ex was not so abusive (especially not physically, to clarify my earlier post) as temperamental and i shouldn't run away because of him, but worry still that the trap is in the convenience of having someone around when every one else leaves in 2 days or weeks. i almost rented a big white mansion on the other side of the island in hopes that it would get me away from the codependence, but the house turned out not to be able to get internet access, and had none of the community i love around (only karaoke bars at night!). so i payed another month in my scruffy but homey home, started feeding the dogs again, re-entered the village gossip scene, had a few tipsy nights, and i feel better for now. still have a niggling itch to go live in tokyo and find me a hot japanese boy, but let's see.

my birthday


my old friend 'c' and her thai-but-soon-german husband 'w'

nicole too

my friend nicole i met in bangkok (a few entries back). she is a german woman (much more of a woman than i am) who introduced me to the world of beauty treatments (mostly as an observer). she is very curvy, long bleached hair with extensions, tattooed eyeliner, fake eyelashes, botox... men all are drawn to her obviously. she's quirky and precise as a lot of germans are. she brought 'g' into my life as well... a neurotic italian who mumbled, who had also gone the plastic route. it was fun hanging with these two- we took a little side trip to koh tao- an hour and a half away but i have never been there in almost 4 years of living here. it's a cooler island than koh phangan- more places with character. we took a snorkelling trip around to the different bays of the island... i swam with a black tip reef shark about 5 feet long! also stopped at koh nangyuan which is postcard perfect and idyllic. (i have to get pictures from nicole since i forgot to take my camera). the girls wanted to go out and meet men but i pointed out we were surrounded by white, upper middle class 20 year olds- which means not only do we probably not want to get involved with them but they probably don't want to get involved with us either- plenty of 20 year old swedish girls around. so we settled for fawning over the earnest singers at a rowdy irish bar, and i found myself missing my clean white bread college home of boulder, colorado. back in the pan i am working for now on my business and projects, though of course there is always something forming in the back of my mind for the "next trip".

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