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balance (2): slowing down

Monday, December 3, 2007

slowing down

i took the subway to san telmo yesterday. most tourists rave about this area of buenos aires, but i didn't like it at all. there is a little antiques fair set around plaza dorrego, but it is crammed with tourists and most of what is for sale is junk. (i was much more impressed by la boca.) i did sit and have an apple shake and watch the goings on for a bit. there were a couple of decent street acts and i did look over some nice original victrolas, but that was the extent of the fun. buenos aires doesn't have the best shopping in the world, especially for women's clothes- i haven't seen a single person who stood out as being fashionable or trendy (not that i suppose that matters). so far i have found a bunch of identical shops full of cheaply made stuff that has big cartoonish prints like a 13 year old girl would wear. i also looked for english books, but as in all 3 countries i have been to in south america, they have a very limited and overpriced selection.

street musicians

puppet guy

i have to admit i am bored of this place already. i was so excited to be in a "normal" place when i got here, but there isn't really all that much to see. i moved into my apartment which is nice- it is a luxury to have running water (hot baths!), air conditioning, a microwave for a bit. i don't have those things in thailand. but how i am going to kill 3 more weeks, i don't know. reflecting back, this has been the worst trip i have ever had in my life! i have not met one single interesting person (well maybe the artisan boy who kept popping up) or spent one single decadent night! this is very unusual compared to my time in asia. south america just isn't for me at all. but, at least i can cross this part of the world off my list! and if anything, it makes me appreciate fun, gorgeous, decadent thailand even more!

... actually tonight i finally found a parilla (steakhouse) that didn't cost me an arm and a leg, and the boy who served me was such a cutie i tipped him 25%! i definitely recommend 'la dorita'... they put about 50% more wine in their glasses than other parillas. i am lucky i found my way home. :)

coming soon: trips to an estancia (ranch) for a day of horseback riding with the gauchos, a trip to iguazu falls on the border of brazil, a trip to colonia, uruguay... and perhaps a trip to the amusement park at el tigre delta, if i can get someone to go with me!


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