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balance (2): regaining my balance

Saturday, December 8, 2007

regaining my balance

ok so the secret to my not being so neurotic is to just forget i am supposed to be travelling. when i am not putting all kinds of expectations on myself it is easier to "come down" and enjoy my days. so i have just been chilling out in my apartment, cooking pasta, listening to music, downing bottle after bottle of excellent champagne (ow my head), and working on my new portfolio site, which has ended up being a huge undertaking because i have to re-learn how to use flash (an animation program with which i am not in the least patient). but i have found time each day to walk around my sunny neighborhood and sit in a cafe to do the crossword in the buenos aires herald... and spy on the people on the street, which is one of my favorite things in the world to do.

corner market

i spent this morning at bar taller, my new favorite place to sit under huge trees and overlooking plaza serrano. i sat next to one of the kioskos full of newspapers and magazines, sort of a neighborhood meeting point, sipping my 'cafe con leche y 3 medialunas'- the standard argentinian breakfast, apparently, and watching the local characters. across the street in the plaza were loads of hippie stalls selling jewelry, clothes, etc. lots of cute quirky people around this area, must be where all those supposed "hot argentinian guys" are hiding out... i did see a few! i flirted with a guy on stilts and smiled at passing squinty-eyed infants. almost gave in and took home a siamese kitten for sale when thankfully i realized how inane that would be. bought some expensive sunglasses and silver earrings. came home and had a couple chats with friends who were bombarding me with instant messages (nice to catch up), and am preparing to fly tomorrow morning to puerto iguazu to see the national park/waterfalls on the border of brazil and paraguay.

stilt man

hansome cab


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