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balance (2): mala suerte

Sunday, December 23, 2007

mala suerte

this morning i had planned to spend the day at the beach, but the weather was rainy and cold again, to my chagrin. so i decided to take a taxi to the hippie market in ipanema. it was ok, not much different from any of the other markets that i have been in in south america. i bought a couple of bracelets, including one with colorful pictures of all the saints to protect me. afterwards i wandered around ipanema a bit. it's so similar to buenos aires, just the language is different, and the fact that people are wearing beachwear. it's quite a neighborly place, someplace i was thinking i could easily live in. i really loved the colorful, cartoonish grafitti that was everywhere, and i wished i could get someone to take me on an art tour of rio... perhaps next time i will do it myself. (my camera is getting worse and worse, i wish i had bought a new one before i set out... thus i have no good pics of the art).

ipanema "hippie market"

i asked a taxi to take me up to the santa theresa neighborhood next, as it was supposed to be the more artsy and bohemian area, but the driver couldn't find it?! i got a bit frustrated with him, but told him to keep on going to cosme velho instead, where the famous christ the redeemer statue overlooking rio is. my taxi came to almost 60 reals ($30), so i have a feeling that somewhere in there i was being scammed, but oh well. i got in line for the train up the mountain. it was full of tourists, mostly brazilian. the train ride itself was nice, it is lined by various botanical gardens. but when we got to the top, the fog was super thick. i hung around a bit hoping to get some good pictures of the famous view, but it only got worse as it started raining as well. argh.

so i headed back to my hotel in copacabana, and my minibar. and my cable tv. it was then that i decided that despite the fact that i really(!) loved rio, i needed to leave. i have had such bad luck this trip with things like weather and timing... it had been raining for 3 days straight and i didn't want to spend $120 a night just to sit in my hotel room alone, since i couldn't go out and see the things rio is famous for. so i canceled my plans for another tour the next day and changed my flight to return to buenos aires for christmas eve. :(


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