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balance (2): jet lag

Sunday, December 30, 2007

jet lag

after a total of 6 flights (one hellish one in which i was not only seated in the middle seat of the middle row on the plane, but in the midst of a huge missionary group of loquacious 18 year old Americans) and about 48 hours, i finally got back to thailand, safe but exhausted. it is very nice to be back here in some ways. the weather is just unbeatable. warm, sunny, humid (no more nosebleeds!), birds singing, tuk tuks purring. i am so happy to have thai food again, and the street culture lends itself to easily meeting people too!

headed back down to my island tomorrow just in time for new year's eve. my resolution this year is to find a way to balance my life between the gorgeous, lush, lazy life of the island, and the fast fun life in the city. whether or not that entails a move remains to be seen.


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