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balance (2): it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

Friday, November 30, 2007

it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

i didn't ever quite make it to the nightlife last night, as i determined i am not in the right kind of neighborhood for me. i am staying in the trendiest part of BA right now, where apparently you need reservations and no less than $30 a plate to eat. i found this out by going door to door for 2 hours, being told there was no room for a single girl. :( finally i found a friendly steakhouse and had a delicious steak and glass of malbec (apparently a good wine, not that i would know) on an interesting streetcorner. but i think i learned my lesson about palermo.

this morning, after another lovely breakfast (peaches and cream, hot french bread loaves with blue cheese, fresh cofffee and orange juice) in the garden with the bohemian dutch couple i have managed to eat with every morning thus far, i decided to take a walk to the art museum (MALBA). i compare everything to NY, so of course it couldn't match up, and i would say only about 55% of the art was worth viewing in my opinion (a lot of modern art is pretentious crap). but some of it was great! i saw an original frida kahlo (love her honest appraisals of herself) as well as a diego rivera (love the story of their relationship), as well as some artists who were new to me like antonio berni, who i liked a lot. there was a featured argentinian artist named carlos(?) bony, who for the most part i couldn't care less about, but he did a series called "suicides", in which he took sepia-toned photographs of himself, blew them up life size, framed them in steel frames, and took a gun and shot precise bullet holes into himself. pretty interesting. (i hate that art museums won't let you take pictures and i always get yelled at by the guards for trying to sneak them anyway!) what i liked best though was the museum shop, which had loads of art books and weird knickknacks. i noticed again the lomography manual cameras which seem to be popping up everywhere, and i think i really want one! they have cool filters for colors and multi action frames, etc. but they are around $100 right now.

MALBA art museum

anyhoo next i wandered off to the zoo! i love zoos, i mean of course it has nothing in particular to do with argentina, and the buenos aires zoo is kind of wimpy, truth be told, but it is a very nice thing to wander around on a hot day sucking lemonade under big shady trees and looking at curious animals. i took loads of pictures, as you do for no reason, and in an effort not to waste them, i will give you your own personal snapshot of the zoo!:

...this evening i decided against my better judgement to go out in palermo again for dinner, to a place that the dutch couple recommended called 'osaka'... it is japanese-peruvian "fusion" food, which should have raised flags, but i am glad i went even though my meal was $45 this time (simply can not go out here). the food was totally average, but the wine was great (a chardonnay this time)! and the sushi chef who stood smashing rice and chopping fish in front of me and i got talking for a couple of hours. he was from uruguay but had travelled all over the world including to the small town i live in in thailand. he was also pretty cute. he invited me to go out with him tonight for his supposed "birthday" after work, and gave me his phone number, but to be honest he was just a tad too aggressive for me! his nickname was "tony" after tony montana, if that tells you anything. still, the attention was nice and i came back to my room on a happy buzz. all along my neighborhood people were out walking their dogs and sitting in cars with their radios blasting 80s new wave music... it feels like (well i suppose it is) summertime. :)


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