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balance (2): day of the dead

Saturday, December 15, 2007

day of the dead

i went to a hairdresser yesterday named javier luna. never before have i spent all afternoon at a hairdressers, but it was an interesting experience to see the goings-on in a building full of the hottest people i have seen in this country so far. wow! my colorist was so cute i could only stutter back at him and it wasn't my lack of spanish! the room was full of models, which i didn't realize until i had already been talking to them for awhile and then looked up on tv and saw pictures of them on it! very cool. i wished someone would invite me out with them but they were more interested in asking me whether or not washington DC was in new york.

today i gave in to all the tourist hoopla and took a maniacal taxi (who was screaming and flipping off drivers the entire way) to recoleta cemetery. it's a famous spot full of famous rich argentinian dead people, none of whom i know anything about. usually i am really into cemeteries as they can be aesthetically gorgeous (as in new orleans), but this one was, meh. it is basically a big city of mausoleums (i prefer graves). they were quite snazzy, in black marble with commissioned statues and such, but i liked the older, crumbling ones that looked like they had been broken into more than once. didn't spend a whole lot of time there. wandered around the little outdoor fair for a bit, bought a gaudy ring, sat and had a dreamy hefeweizen at a brewery. got hit on 100 times today, must be the new hair or my huge sunglasses.

x wrote me aghast today that i haven't been laid once on this trip. haha, i am rather aghast myself, but i don't see what the big deal is about sex anyway. still, it is weird that on a 2 month trip i haven't met anyone or even gone out at night once! i just HATE going to bars by myself! if anything else screams "desperate whore" i don't know what it is. the restaurants here are intimidating enough. besides, i am so shy, i end up sitting quietly in the corner, flinching if anyone talks to me and spilling my drink down my top. still, x is right, nothing is just going to "happen" here like it seems to do in asia unless i get out and shake my hiney a bit, and i have a newfound lust for boys with argentinian accents. i may actually sneak out tonight (yeah right). otherwise, i have just over a week left in argentina, and then off i go back to fun-land.

woah i completely forgot it is almost christmas!


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