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Thursday, December 6, 2007


not much going on now... i was supposed to go spend the day on a ranch horseback riding and learning about the gauchos, but they must have forgot about me because they never showed this morning to pick me up. so i decided on a little shopping therapy. i took the train to abasto shopping center, supposedly the biggest mall here, but as with all the shopping so far, totally underwhelming. still it was nice to see the teenage element of this city, and i am beginning to like the fact that large corporations haven't taken over here and the people are more laid back than trendy. funny though, almost no one here can speak english, but they can all lip synch the ghastly american pop songs blasted overhead. i can't really understand argentinian spanish at all! compared to peru and bolivia it is quite a different accent and they use different words. but i suspect it is the huge italian and jewish influence here (that is also why they all look italian and jewish). speaking of which, there was a kosher mcdonalds in the mall! never seen one before in my life, i am surprised they don't have them in NY.

kosher mcdonalds?

if i did understand more local spanish i would be going to this show i saw advertised, which is tomorrow! what a great lineup, i haven't been to a concert in years so i would love to have a local to go with... but i couldn't even figure out where it is!

would love to see cocorosie and gotan project!

yesterday i spent reading in the botanical gardens, which was nice. there are loads of stray cats that little old ladies come specifically to feed.

stray cats

nice trees at the jardines botanicos


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