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Thursday, November 1, 2007


the date on this blog is in bangkok time, so last night was actually halloween here in NY. i spent all day in my old neighborhood of williamsburg, brooklyn... scrounging through my storage unit for momentos at which i could gasp and clutch my chest. found lots of old and embarassing pictures (including some risque shots i did for the artist eric kroll), weird little knicknacks that i hadn't seen in years, and a brand new pair of my favorite platform shoes! i lugged two boxes (one of books) to the post office expecting to send them by boat to thailand, but the USPS no longer offers slow boat service, so i ended up paying $250 to ship them(!). still, it's worth it to recover pieces of myself i had been missing. actually this trip to NY has been all about recovering pieces of me!... especially having been here for 911 i feel NY will always be my home, and i am not entirely sure anymore i want to give it up as such!

really old picture of me, my sister, and my parents

anyway in the evening my friend cat called up and said to meet her in 30 minutes in union square so we could go see the halloween parade. i scrambled into my alice in wonderland costume, which didn't look right at all with my dark pigtails, so i grabbed the only wig from my collection that could possibly pass as alice's blond hair and ran to meet my friends. we sat drinking at a bar for much longer than we intended, as the village filled up with costumes and increasingly rowdy people. the parade was crazy and very packed- so much so that it was pointless to try to take pictures and we couldn't really see much. i have never been in NY for halloween though, somehow, and it was a great energy, really fun night.


off to peru tomorrow!!!


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