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balance (2): cusco

Sunday, November 11, 2007


now that i am no longer puking my guts out i am quite enjoying cusco. it's a great little town. there are lots of little nooks and crannies from which i can peep out at the goings-on. i have moved to a cheap hostel (home sweet home) which is much better than the snotty expensive hotel (rumi punku) i was in previously, despite the fact that it has no heat. it is at the top of the mountain in the residential area, with an amazing view of the city, and the peruvian staff are great! the first peruvian guy i have yet been attracted to is building their website to the tune of strange spanish punk all day. there is a big woolly puppy (aside from the hairless dog in my last entry, the peruvian dogs are more like sheep!) who keeps me warm and bites my toes.


navigating the narrow, steep streets of the city can be difficult with the uneven cobblestones, the insane taxis (in which city are taxis not insane?), the necessity of dodging llamas, dogs, beggar children hawking postcards, old ladies lugging sacks of various trinkets made from alpaca wool, massage girls, groups of students on field trips, and of course, bumbling tourists.

typical street

typical buildings

there is so much i would like to buy but i don't want to have to carry it for the next month, so i settled for a silver ring made with a real coca leaf and some tiny dolls in native costume. i hung out for awhile on a balcony overlooking the plaza de armas and practiced my spanish with the waiters (not bad except i keep mixing spanish with thai!- "donde es el hong nam, khap khun oops gracias")...

alpaca fashion

tomorrow i am headed to the town of puno which is on the shore of lake titicaca (a pretty funny name- the peruvians insist their side of the lake is the "titi", and the bolivian side is the "caca", which means "shit" in spanish).

more pics-

me with baby llama (cost one sole)

statue in one of the many san blas galleries

view from my hostel balcony


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