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Saturday, November 24, 2007


okay... i guess i just have to stay in cities from now on. i can't take the backcountry bullshit, at least not here. looking back through my blog i can see though that this feeling strikes me occasionally in arbitrary places... for instance nepal is a very poor, undeveloped country, but i found my niche there and had the time of my life. not to mention thailand, which goes without saying. but places like south india, peru, and even to some extent vietnam have made me insanely grumpy. no niche for me i guess. i lied when i said i am over travelling- i will never be over travelling. but next time i am going to buy more flexible tickets so that when i realize a place is not for me i can just get the hell out of it and on to the next place.

being stuck in la paz is not so bad though. the novelty wears off pretty quickly once you have been to the witch markets and such, but i have a nice little routine here. the guy from luna, where i drink my yummy capuccinos, flags me down on the street to say hi to me now when i pass. as does the lady who sells sopapillas (or whatever they are called here) at the corner of plaza san francisco. i have my favorite pirated dvd shop, my favorite internet cafe, my favorite place to down a beer by the window, my favorite decrepit beggar and sloppy street merchants... plus during the day there are plenty of little shops and museums to explore. i am not worried about crime so much now as all the taxi drivers i have taken thus far have been ridiculously nice! though i have been scammed twice now by ATMs that said my transaction couldn't be completed and still took money from my account- sigh. my spanish is coming along really well too- it's so cool to be able to communicate with people in another language! i can't do so as well in thai, unfortunately. anyway i finally snagged a hotel room with wifi so i can catch up on things like getting my bank accounts squared away (my main bank, unfortunately, just failed!), and updating this blog, and making up with x who can't be blamed for being madly in love with someone else i guess.

i bought a ticket to sucre in south bolivia leaving monday morning. it's another city ;), and a university town too if i remember right, so hopefully i can find some stuff to do there to kill time before i head to buenos aires.

p.s. all the pics i have taken lately turn out horrible! i think there is something wrong with my camera... i will have to post more later.


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