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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


it's funny that my two homes are so exactly opposite each other in every aspect. NY is an ultra urban wonderland while Thailand is remote tropical paradise. they really represent two sides of myself. i feel more myself in these two places than i do anywhere else in the world.

NY is a great city to be alone in, which is a good thing since i am quite alone here (please don't ask me why)! i love to slink around the village, observing- the wholesome families setting up the greenmarket in union square, the jewish ladies pushing their glasses up on their noses and dragging little dogs in sweaters behind them, the b-boys in their braids and basketball shirts who hang outside the record stores and are always shockingly polite to me, the gazillions of super gorgeous well dressed intellectual young men with sensuous lips wearing their iPods on the train (pant), the sad immigrants hawking carts of goods or playing plaintive spanish songs in the station, the drama queens draped all over each other with fluttering hands, lisping the schedule for their latest show, the rubber stamped business men in reflecting shades who can be mistaken for robots if you blink quickly... even the crackwhores and the scruffy homeless runaways who linger in the alleys have some part to play in the story of the city. i absolutely love it, and i miss living here. i just wish it wasn't so damned expensive!

i have realized coming back this time just how much i have mellowed out! i am a much happier, more laid back person after having lived on my little island for 3 years. not much gets to me like it used to, i am far less neurotic. also my priorities have changed. i don't have much interest in "hipsters" any longer, going out and getting drunk and comparing outfits is no longer my scene really. i want to meet intelligent, genuine, warm people who have something to offer beneath the surface. otherwise i am happy to wander around on my own, taking in a film here, sitting on a park bench there... smiling at passersby who smile back at me.

dinner at frank's- my favorite italian in the world

this is the thing that gets me the most! NY has a reputation for being rough and unfriendly, when it is actually quite the opposite. people are so effusively friendly here! compared to the petty snobbery of thais (who have no real education or worldly perspective to base their superciliousness on) new yorkers are amazing! people seem to know how lucky they are to be here and are happy to keep in harmony with their fellow life livers. there is such a happy, positive, forward moving energy here that i have never found anywhere else in the world.

so my thinking is that i may try to snag a contract working stateside during the at least 3 months of rainy season every year, to break up my island reverie a bit. 9 months in thailand, 3 in NY, that is the tentative plan, until thailand finally kicks me out for good. now i just have to convince my clients.


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