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Monday, October 15, 2007


i am one week away from traipsing off into the unknown again. before when i planned a trip of this sort i writhed and moaned over every little detail, but this time i have barely given it much thought and wil probably find myself frantically packing at the last minute. it doesn't seem real- except when i check my bank balance and see how much i have already spent on tickets! i am excited as this will be a springboard to new life #7493 or so... and change and novelty is always fun, not to mention necessary at times. also this time i have a real home and good friends to come back to, rather than a flophouse hotel, lonely destitution, and a soul killing job search like usual. the plan is a stop in new york (so excited to spend ten days there after 3 years away! actually hitting myself that i didn't plan for longer!), then a few weeks each in peru, bolivia, and argentina with a little side trip through uruguay up to the border of brazil. yippee! been practicing my spanish and looking up self defense tips so should be set.

meanwhile it's lush and lazy rainy season in thong nai pan, really the best time of year when it comes down to it. no one here, most places closed down, but beautiful weather even when it's raining and people have time to stop and chat or lie around and do nothing. my little ex boyfriend moved back in and we have been pretending to be a happy couple for the past few weeks, as he is planning to stay in my house and watch my doggies when i am gone. we have actually really been happy, which is nice, but it's not hard to be a nice couple when there are no distractions and no competition. he will go back to work (8a-12a most days) in high season and we will return to our volatile friendship as usual then. for now he plays playstation, messes around in the yard, downloads music to his phone, or reads harry potter while i frolic with my dogs on the beach, play on the internet, and gossip with random visitors.


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