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balance (2): October 2006

Friday, October 27, 2006

wake up sleepyhead

end of the season, end of over a year here in thong nai pan and two years in thailand! (how the hell did that happen?!)

only 'puppy' on the beach

deserted road

'x' keeps expecting me to feel too sedated, though happily... and then i feel guilty and do. is an idyllic life a good life? the answer is indisputably yes. but.... i am a girl who likes a challenge. so. with lots of face kissing for my dog, gulping of the jungle breeze on my porch, and tiptoeing across the white sand with a nod i am off, to bangkok, to have myself a city break. i'll also run to cambodia for my visa, and then to krabi to see some runaway friends.

luckily i am completely inundated with work, and can come back to hunker down and do it in rainy season which (shhh) has been lovely so far. get myself a little pile of money to go back to the US for a bit with. which is ok, because it is nice to take a holiday to NY and have my little home here to come back to. best of both worlds. and if i fall into another trip somewhere along the way then yahoo!

goodbye bargirls

my little 'gig' (drunk)

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