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balance (2): just venting is all

Thursday, April 7, 2005

just venting is all

just so you all of you frantic readers filling my inbox know, i didn't mean "give up" as in suicide or something silly like that (in my last post)... i meant "give up" as in relent to the pressure to conform, go back to the US and become just another lifeless corporate drone in suburbia!

not that i will ever really do that, but it does seem like that is what life expects of me (and of everyone).

keep in mind this blog is often an outlet. everything is ok! mai pen rai. sometimes i like to bitch. :) i will stay in thailand and fight until it becomes totally obvious i am losing and then i will suck it up, go "home", and succeed. of course!


Blogger chaskemp said...

I can't figure out if I already sent this. I wrote you when I was about 25% through your site & said I just wanted to affirm you & your honesty. I am all the way through your site now & I pretty much feel the same way. My sense is that you may be like someone who has been to war or prison – or in your case, whatever happened as a child. Speaking from my experiences in war & years of integrating it all (plus other, usual stuff) & hospice & work with refugees, I want to say to you that you’re going to make it - & make it to a lot better place. My son & my friend who I fought with in Vietnam & I will be in VN (1st time since 1967), Cambodia, & Thailand this summer. We’re very excited.

9:45 PM  

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