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balance (2): ko samet

Monday, March 21, 2005

ko samet

after months of having far too much time on my hands i suddenly have none at all. so many little projects (mostly web stuff) have started to pile up, faster than i can do them... which is good because it means i can support myself here, but bad because from my home "office" it is sometimes hard to get motivated to do them.

my first research trip for 't' went really well, even though ko samet is not one of my favorite places in thailand. the trudging in the glaring sun from apathetic guesthouse receptionist to apathetic guesthouse receptionist was not as glamorous as one might think... but the free time in the evenings was lovely, and a change of scenery (especially on a white sand beach sipping coconuts and getting massages) is always the best medicine for anything i might have wrong with me. i took 'o' for the help translating and motorbiking, though it was a spur of the moment decision. he had never seen ko samet and i think he enjoyed it- except for the fact that i more or less ditched him for my friends. figures that every time i have gone to samet recently it has been devoid of all friendly people, but when i go with 'o', they are all there waiting for me. muscle-y king and baby-faced yachtti are the first friends i ever made in thailand, probably the reason i initially fell in love with this country, and i haven't seen them in over 5 years. it was great running into them and hearing about their gigolo exploits and plans to make millions with their pig farm.

ot at 'ban ploy samed'- coolest place on ko samet

back now, i am scrambling to finish various things i have started, and waiting on my next big assignment. i turned down a 43000 baht teaching job today (yikes!), so someone else better pay me soon to justify it!

my roommate left suddenly today to go travelling more, so once again i am on my own, and am happy to have the peace. 'o' is living 3 hours away with his family, and won't plague me unless i call for him. given recent experiences with so called "friends", i am swearing off people indefinitely... i plan to get serious about doing what i want to do and if someone falls into step with that, cool, but i won't be looking for it. and so it goes.

sorry for the dry entry- you're lucky to get one at all! i am so busy i can't think!


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