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Monday, December 20, 2004


i am lucky to be here, even if i did somewhat earn it. i can’t imagine wanting to be anywhere else.

this morning i awoke to the yawning blue sea outside my doorstep. i had myself a sample swim. the tiny jellyfish-like things that i have not yet identified (or seen) were in full stinging force. i compromised by sitting in the sand at the edge of the tide so i had water too. toasted myself in the sun. made friends with a tiny british girl whose rich parents must have just dropped her off on this beach and disappeared.... she was twirling her hair and staring sadly into the surf. there is the occasional hippie doing yoga, but other than that it’s the village people for me. the one-intersection street. my aptly named thai hippie friend ‘romeo’ tells me we are everyone’s children, as the whole village comes together to feed, clothe, and entertain us. i like this family. i cannot convey how gloriously perfect the beach is, especially before noon when there is no one else on it. but the village culture is what gets me.

the boys are getting sick of me though. not much to do with a girl. they humor me, and are happy when i give them things, and take the occasional peek at me but otherwise it’s a lot of fast talk in thai. i get the gist of it, most of the time. they don’t know that, and i stay silent.

i found some flourescent paint and painted a menu sign for over the bar. printed some tallysheets. helped the boys hang up their new muay thai bag on a tree. bought three days worth of food for ot and i to cook in the kitchen (today was stir fried pork with vegetables and canned mackerel in tomato sauce mixed with curry and chilis). i realized i have gotten a lot of free cooking lessons and thai language lessons from him, and i can practically do professional thai massage after all of the ones i have had (ot can be the judge of that). i run the bar when nobody’s looking. i feed the dogs and change the cds. i nod and say ‘sawasdee kha’. i tickle the children. i buy the stinky fish sauce. i sweep the floor.

i was born to live in this country. ‘farang’ or not.


Blogger aileebean said...

Hey elocin! I am just wondering if you are okay? I think that you were in southern thailand when the tsunami hit and you haven't posted on here in quite awhile. I hope that you are your friends are okay and that you get a chance to write soon.

Take care.

11:45 PM  

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