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Monday, December 27, 2004


whit knocked on our door at 8am this morning and dragged us yawning and protesting towards a taxi to haad rin. supposedly there is an after party all day long. i had absolutely no interest in this as i am not a morning person and the thought of a full on party complete with drunken fools in the middle of the day did not appeal to me. nevertheless we went. the party is at a place called the ‘backyard pub’, up in the jungle. as i expected, full of staggering, mushmouthed people and horrid pounding techno music. give me a break- at 10am? i didn’t bother to go in, and instead sat outside on a cooler watching people stumble to and fro. several guys tried to pick me up, to ot’s amusement, until they realized he was my boyfriend and disappeared.

ot and i were exhausted, so we wandered away from the clatter and down to the beach to look for money that had fallen out of peoples’ pockets the evening before. i am telling you, the beach is a virtual treasure chest after a full moon party. we only looked for about 5 minutes and we found 550 baht. we skipped to a bakery to spend it on breakfast. over a delicious capuccino, we watched the reports on the creepy asian tsunamis which took place yesterday (unbeknownst to us on our isolated beach). it really put me in a bad mood to think of all the nice fisherman and shop people who were simply washed away, and only an hour away from me, and the media’s greedy, gloating distortion and replay of the events made me sick.

finally we caught a taxi back over the rough roads to our beach, and flopped into bed for several lovely hours.

i went to pay the rent on my room for my remaining 2 weeks here, and the fat bitchy owner of the place tried to kick me out. argh. almost two weeks ago, when ot and i returned from pai, we made flyers for whit’s bar and passed them out on the beach as usual. we are friends with everyone at our place and they have an agreement with whit that it’s ok. however the owner of our bungalows had just arrived on the island after a long absence and freaked out when she saw us distributing our flyers, and screamed at ot for it (very un-thai). i didn’t much care what she thought because it is a normal business practice to distribute flyers, and several groups of people do so daily on the beach, however she was really hung up on the fact that i am a farang and insists we were trying to steal her business. she rudely asked me to leave at that time, but i sent whit down to her to explain who i was and what i was doing and he insisted everything was fine. i smiled at her and attempted to make amends for a very innocent mistake next time i saw her, but she was not amenable... and i gave up and didn’t even think about it again until today, when i went to pay and she refused to look at me or talk to me at all, leaving me standing and spluttering stupidly for 15 minutes. i had to find someone else to help me and when he did he translated for her that i was not welcome to stay any longer. i was furious, looked her right in the eyes (knowing she can speak english despite her pretending otherwise) and said “i am sorry if you want to make a problem with me, but i see no problem. i am a nice person, i wanted to help my friend, who is also your friend. i understand you don’t want us to bother your customers and i won’t from now on, but i am spending a lot of money myself to stay at your place, so please allow me to pay for the remaining 15 days i have, thanks”. and i handed her 6000 baht. she coughed nervously and muttered under her breath, but the boy took my money. i left in a huff. i cannot stand thai peoples’ business practices, which are ruthless and greedy and illogical. most likely she will come break into my bungalow (i have removed all my valuables except my laptop, which is locked to the window) or try to set it on fire or something. if nothing else she will definitely spread rumors to the whole village about how i swaggered into town with my farang superiority complex (never mind that ot and whit were there) and set out to ruin her. the thing is, she is the richest person on this beach. she owns bungalows, a restaurant, a mini mart, an internet cafe, travel agency, a taxi service, speedboat service.... on and on. when she has all this, why should she care what meager business whit’s little bar gets from the beach? stupid cunt. apparently she is like this a lot- kicks out farangs on a whim. just likes to be miserable i guess. she has so offended me with her pettiness that i will do what i can to make sure she loses business from now on. i recommend that no one stay at central cottage on xxxx beach, as they are overpriced and rude and stupid.


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