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balance (2): merry xmas

Saturday, December 25, 2004

merry xmas

christmas? heh? there is not one sign of christmas in this place despite the ‘merry christmas’ banner that whit hung halfheartedly over the dj booth and the light-up santa hat he gave me to wear. as this is the third christmas in a row i have spent in asia i don’t feel much of the spirit any longer.

what i did for christmas was take a longtail boat around the island to go snorkelling with ot. it i don’t much like boats, and longtail boats have a tendency to feel like they will capsize at any second, especially when the big swells surprise you around a rocky bend. we were soaked before we reached our first destination. once there, the boat parked about 200 feet away from a small island, to which we were supposed to swim for snorkelling. i learned my lesson last time this happened on a trip and stayed right where i was on the boat, watching everyone else panic and choke as they made the long trek out and back. not much to see anyway, and there are still stinging things in the water (i have since learned that they are called ‘sea lice’). we headed afterwards to another beach to have lunch, which was mysteriously not included. and then on to another island for more snorkelling.

we didn’t ever make it to the next island. instead we had to rescue three bedraggled men who were floating forlornly out in the middle of deep water- clutching their sunken rented boat. sigh- thailand. we took them back to their beach and did some halfhearted snorkelling there in which i saw one sea sausage and a bunch of rocks, and that was the end of our trip.

ot and whit were too lazy to do anything else for christmas so we relaxed at the bar with a steamed chicken and went to bed early.


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