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balance (2): catastrophe

Wednesday, December 29, 2004


i must apologize for my seeming insensitivity, which is due to the fact that i have little contact with real civilization right now, meaning no newspapers or tv. so i didn't realize that what i at first thought was just a storm was actually the disaster of the magnitude it seems to be in asia. i can't believe it happened just an hour away from me, and having been there last month and seeing what various sorts of people might be lining the shores of phuket or ko phi phi and now might not exist, it's sort of overwhelming. gone would be taxi drivers, food sellers, umbrella guys, sunbathers, divers, dogs, shops, bar girls.... all people i see every day here as well, so it feels close to home and extremely sad. i am remaining blissfully unaware with no media frenzy in my face, and after living through 9-11's similar media orgasm i am very relieved at this. no need for more fear being vomited on those who are already down. i wish i could go help out but as i have no applicable skills or blood types i would just be in the way. so...i do send out fervent hopes that everyone's family, friends, and selves manage to recover safely and move on, and i am sorry for their losses. chok dee


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