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balance (2): perfect storm

Thursday, November 25, 2004

perfect storm

after dreaming about tidal waves of blood yesterday the locals informed ot and i that a huge storm is hitting the island sometime between now and tomorrow morning. our beachfront hut is a ringside seat, so we are holing up in the much safer and more fun bar up the hill... which is becoming our second home (ot and i are basically running it). we have stored food and water and all our valuables and our dog ('happy')- plan to make a party of it. there is plenty of beer etc.

in thailand i often accidentally catch myself really living life! i am happy. the best part about this country is that people are so generous. i have found the more you give, the more you get back. ot and i opened pee whit's bar for him- we made flyers, we bartend, we socialize with the drunkards, i play movies on my laptop and burn mix cds for the dj.... yesterday he took us around the whole island on motorbike. not an easy feat. ko phangan is huge, and there is really just one developed beach at the very south of it (haad rin) and the rest is very slow paced and empty (and treacherous). mae haad was my favorite area other than where we are staying (which really is the best). it has a private snorkelling beach and beautiful sunsets. ot and i stocked up on food at the 7-11 and down the road at the thai market. we rode on overloaded bikes all the way back home and made a huge barbecue of squid and tuna steaks, salad and garlic bread. afterwards there was a spontaneous party at the bar, and at 5am ot and i sleepwalked down the hill to our little hut with our dog, being buffeted by the approaching storm.


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