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Saturday, November 6, 2004


hmmm... what's going on now... well besides wanting to cry or vomit (or both) at the fact that bush won the election (to the utter horror and derision of the rest of the world as well as myself), i am doing well. i am still in bangkok, not trapped but working on a business plan which was kindly suggested by a reader and which just might work very very well. keeping bali as a back up plan in case of failure. otherwise i am meeting lots of interesting people (when i manage to avoid the very obsessive otto, which entails a lot of outright meanness). i have met a couple of girls who have landed themselves very lucky jobs- one on a yacht sailing around southeast asia and australia and one as a nanny travelling all over europe and getting free vacations on her own to asia (why don't i find things like this?). i also ran into a couple of younger thai men i met last year- they are djs, tattoo artists, and hairdressers who studied overseas and don't really have to work. it's a change to meet richer thai people for once, who have a lot more in common with my interests and way of life than the usual thais i meet. we have a lot of fun.

& that's it for now....


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