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balance (2): island girl

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

island girl

the city (any city) seems vile, soulless compared to the ease and beauty of this island. this is not ko chang- there is no nightlife, no social network, no boat trips. just pleasant, lazy, easiness. swim in the sea, read on hammocks, stare at the sun. eat, walk, play with the dogs. forget everything. breathe. watch movies on my laptop. plug my ears at the thai karaoke down the street. i have gone days without checking email, washing my hair, or having a conversation in english with anyone other than otto. he spends a lot of time writing poetry that i am unable to judge as it is written in thai, and floating on his back in the sea. bangkok can kill you. i am glad i escaped it.

changed my ticket to return home to NY on january 14th, per cire’s request, so i have almost 2 months left to do whatever i want. i want to write a book or some magazine articles, but my computer screen is going to die any day now so i may have to stick to making mobiles out of shells and coral. :)


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