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balance (2): defiled

Monday, November 29, 2004


we awake late and notice our window is open and has been turned upside down. i don't think anything of it until i look for my phone and find it absent. i frown curiously, thinking i have misplaced it, until otto feels around for his and notices it is also gone. apparently someone broke in and stole them both sometime in the past couple of days. my laptop, iPod, camera, and wallet had all been left out, unlocked, but for some reason they only took the cellphones (though maybe a bit of money has gone missing as well- i don't keep track). we feel stunned and suspicious. ot can not get over the fact that one of his friends must have done this. he shakes his head and wrings his hands in disbelief. don't you know? i say. you can not trust anyone.


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